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MS Carbon Zambia provides products and services to a number of sectors in Zambia


Supply and Installation of Vibration Motors, Supply and Rewind of Motors (Low, Medium & HT), Supply and Installation of Circuit Breakers, Relay testing, calibration and repair, Power factor correction, High Voltage cable Jointing and Terminations, Transformer and Switch Gear over haul and re- pair,

Underground and surface cable fault locations, Earth Resistance Testing- Earthing systems installations, Light- ening arrestors, Earth mats and Baskets, Medium and Low Voltages Substation construction, Supplying, Rewinding and repairs of ac and dc Motors of various sizes up to 11kV stators.


Mill Liners, Crusher Spares, Chute Liners, Charge Bin Liners, Belt Conveyor Idlers & Frames, Belt Conveyor Vulcaniz- ing Presses, Solutions & Cement. Feeders, Custom Made Woven Wire Mesh, Perforated Plates. Winder Spares, Loco- motive Spares, Cranes, Reduction Gear Boxes, Vibrators, Loaders, Air Motors, Winches, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valves.

Loading Flasks (Boxes) Moulded Rubber Products, Gate Valves, HDPE pipes & fittings ,water treatment chemicals , Pumps & Spares. Lifting Equipment: Chain Blocks, Crawlers, Electrical Hoist, Lever Hoists (Pull Lifts), Slings, Shackels, Snatch Blocks, Wire Ropes, Black snake stropes

Water Meters

MS Carbon is the Agent for Itron France to sell and Distribute all Itron Products in zambia. We sell to a number of government and private organization. Our Water meters range from Multimag Domestic meters, FLodis Meters, Woltex Bulk Meters and Electromagnetic Water meters.

Itron has expanded its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) capabilities with a cellular solution for water utilities. The solu- tion enables utilities to easily collect real-time consumption and flow analysis, pressure data and meter data from commercial and industrial (C&I) customers via a public cellular network.

Collision Avoidance and Tracking

PBE’s Proximity Alert System is designed to enhance work- place safety by reducing risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning for open pit and under ground mining operations The PAS detects heavy vehicle, light vehicle, personnel, and obstacle tags as well as user defined geo-fenced areas

The PT-TAG serves as a location/tracking tag for both under- ground and open pit mining and it includes LED indicators which are visible through its clear membrane on the top side of the TAG. It is equipped with an inductively rechargeable lithium ion battery and installed on the cap lamp.

Metering Solutions

Boost employee efficiency by a factor of 10 (seriously). We know all about Automated Meter Reading (AMR) because we made it an industry standard. Now you can put our unique expertise and leadership to use for you. Rely on Itron’s AMR solution to remotely read usage data to improve service, protect against revenue loss, cut costs and streamline field operations with a variety of deployment options.

Improve Data Accuracy.
Protect Against Tampering Set usage thresholds, then be alerted to possible service theft or meter hacks.
Collect Efficiently Collect via walk-by, drive-by, network or any combination of these methods. Close service calls faster by pulling up granular usage data collected with 99% accuracy.

Lifting Equipment

Chain Blocks, Crawlers, Electrical Hoist, Lever Hoists (Pull Lifts), Slings, Shackels, Snatch Blocks, Wire Ropes, Black snake stropes